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Jan 18, 2009
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Looked all over today for a crayon bank but found nothing.
Hobby Lobby, Dollar General, Wal-Mart, Target, Staples, Shopko, & Wall-Green. Nada.
Searched on e-bay and waaaaa-

76 54" blue crayons for $9.99 each buy it now.
Shipping $7.50 for the first and $3.00 each additional.
I sent an e-mail to the guy to see if other colors are available.
Anyone around north-central Iowa or going to AIRFest interested in sharing shipping cost?


Edit: Forgot to add that 36" versions are $5.99 buy it now.
Shipping the same.

For the second time,
Toys R Us is usually a good place to find a Crayon Bank. I got a couple there for about 5 dollars each.
I don't have a Toys R Us within 100 miles.
Well, maybe 75 miles; there maybe on in Waterloo.
I'll have to look.

The last time I went looking for some cheap crayon banks, the local stores told me that they were 'seasonal' items that are only stocked prior to Christmas. Huh. I sure never would have made THAT connection.

Anyway, I found some at a local dollar-type-store but they are only about two feet long. If that is big enough, and if you can wait until I get home tonight to measure, I can PM you with details. I can certainly get them for you cheaper than that ebay price.

Let me know
Stopped at a different Dollar Store and they had ONE. :D
$3.00. Its one of the 36" ones. Grey.

Now gotta find some Lexan, and start thunking it through.

:D :D :D :D :D
I added that to the rockets folder in my favorites.

they were 'seasonal' items that are only stocked prior to Christmas. Huh.

I went into a diner on a chilly September and ordered Chili.

The watress told me it wasn't "in season":confused:

Do they really have to wait until the Chili is ripe?

Maybe the crayons only get ripe after November...with the chili!