BGM109-G Gryphon / Tomahawk pics

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Apr 2, 2009
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LDRS is here so a pile of kits are done and I'm posting all over the place.

This one is a Quest Tomahawk made to be a BGM109-G Gryphon ground launced cruise missle, or GLCM. The Gryphon is identical in profile to the Tomahawk, but with a couple of other differences.

Before I get into this, reasearch was hard, and I won't be offended if one of you guys finds an error somewhere.

The differences are that the Tomahawk is launched from a Naval vessel generally (that's the reason for the negation of some of the Quest decals), and the Gryphon was launched from a cool looking truck kinda rig like V2s used to be. It has an interesting (albiet brief) history that I'll spare you here. The most important difference is that the Gryphon carried a nuclear war head. There is at least one on display still, and a couple rig pics I found. I picked what I thought was the neatest paint job. Anyway guys, heres the pics..

This one is of the model unpainted in my drying rack (a ford E150)
Here's a top view of the painted model. I shoud have had a fuzzier edge on the camo line, but I'm worse at airbrushing than digital photography..So masking tape here we go.:D
This kit was one of my first paper shroud kits. That is pretty hard stuff intially. I got it MOSTLY smooth. Here's a sideview.
I gloss coated the kit after painting for good decal adhesion . I used all the Quest decals that looked like panel lines or general military warning insignia. I'm not sure about the accuracy some of these..I don't have a Peter Alway book for missles :D ... Then it got a pile of dull coat.
This kit was a gift from a friend who makes gyroscopes for nuclear missles for a living, so I hope it does well. I'll post flight pics if get some good ones.
I can't seem to grasp the scale on that.. Is it 24? 29? I'm thinking it could be 24, but then if 24 it could go to 18... Either way, it looks really good!
Wow! Nice job on the tailcone. I opened mine and realized the tail was made of paper. I quickly put it back in the bag half finished and decided I'd hold off until I came up with another solution. Perhaps maybe I'll break it back out and double line it with cardstock. This is very encouraging. Nice work!
Justin Horne-
The Quest Tomahawk has a 18mm mount. If you made a custom paper shroud I guess you could put in what ever motor mount you could get away with:cool: .....