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Oct 22, 2001
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My personal flight report at the January ROSCO launch at Orangeburg,SC. This also was my Level 1 weekend!

Saturday was cold and windy, but did manage to get my Binder Design Thug up on a G35-4W. Great flight! Next up was my Aerotech Barracuda on a E23-5T. Another great flight! Everyone at the field was cold and it took a lot of will power to get the few rockets off the ground that we did. Definitely prep your RMS motors in the motel room!!! Ken Allen arrived and I got my motor for my Level 1 launch the next day. By about 3pm I and my family were pretty wore out, so we headed to the motel to get warm.

Sunday.....What a difference 24 hours make! Started out a little cold, but did it ever improve! Clear skies and little or no wind! Everyone got out their high flyers and let loose! Quest UFO (my son's) on a C6-0. Great little flight! Next up was the Thug again on a G64-4W. Great flight until ejection. Sounded real powerful and the rocket separated at the top centering ring. Recovered everything and will be able to repair quite easily. Next was an Estes MaxTrax on a C6-5 with a good flight. My Barracuda went up next on a F20-7J with good results. Now came my Level 1 flight with my PML AMRAAM3. Gotta' love those Pro38's!!! Tom Binford helped out and I was ready to launch. Launched on an H143SS and it was a great flight with no problems!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOO! Closed out the day with my PML AMRAAM2 on a G64-4W and another great flight.

Thanks to everyone who helped me out!!! Pictures are forthcoming!

Mike Kimbler
NAR 80513 Lvl 1
Congrats on your Cert! While I have never certed, I've been privilaged to witness several TRFers cert over this past year and it *is* a special event!
Nice work on the Level 1 Mike! Congratulations! It sounds like you had a pretty solid day flying composite motors. That's too bad about the cold first day, but heck, it sure makes for a memorable day of launching rockets.
A BIG congraulations to ya Wolf...sounds like you had a great time and great weather. The PML AMRAAM kits are great for you gotta try your A2 on a H128W...Wow what I would give to see the look on your face then!!! :)

Once again, way to go!

Congratulations on your L-1:) The Amramm 4 is a good L-2 rocket.
Thanks everyone! I had my Level 1 AMRAAM finished and ready to fly for about 6 months, but couldn't get my schedule arranged to get it done! I hate whenthat happens. Now looking and thinking Level 2! Hmmmmmm.......

Originally posted by wolf06
This also was my Level 1 weekend!

Congrats......... It was a great looking flight........ I hope you are able to come back and fly with us on a regular basis....... Looking forward to seeing your L2 flight!!!!!
I really hope my schedule has eased up....definitely want to get down there more often on a regular basis.
Congratulations on your Level 1! You gotta love those Pro38 motors...