Best Rocksim Flight Ever or What? HELP!!!!

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Jan 20, 2009
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Hey gang-

I am attempting to build a rocksim model for a Russian Proton rocket and have hit a REALLY weird glitch...

The model looks normal, but when launched, the simulation flight never ends! It just keeps going up, up, and up!

I finally stopped the simulation when my computer warned me that rocksim had nearly filled my hard drive by using virtual memory... After roughly 12 hours of simulated flight!

The rocket had reached an altitude of 8439.21 MILES with a maximum velocity of MACH 63.52 and a max acceleration of 139.33 Gees!!! Wooo-weeee!:y:

I have quit the software and reloaded the model, loaded other models (which sim correctly) and still get similar results.

Think I need to hold on to this model and enter it in the next EMRR virtual rocket contest...

Anyone have any advice? I'm attaching on the .rkt file so hopefully one of the rocksim gurus here on TRF can help figure out what the heck I've created!

View attachment Proton-M.rkt
I've seen this when a component had 0 mass.

PS NOT a Rocsim guru!!!
PPS It appears to be a prob with the pods. If pods are deleted, and add fins, it flys normal. You might want to recreate them, I saw there was no mass for the pod even though the components of the pod have mass.
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I'd Shoot an e-mail to Tim at Apogee and see what he says, you didn't model it with full sized engines did you? Did you accidentally change the gravitational constant? (I think you can depending on the version)?
Just some thoughts I'm not an RS pro either.
I ran sims on it in RS9 and got the same thing..It just kept going and going and going...weird..I put all warp 9 motors in(less then a second burn time) and it did the same thing...:confused: I looked through the components and couldn't find anything really out of the ordinary...
I haven't had time to get back to the file, but based on the above comments, I suspect the culprit is the body tube for the "interstage coupler" that I was trying to model. I set the mass on it down to just over the smallest number rocksim would accept. Provided I don't put in a 14 hour day at work today I might be able to find time to do it tonight...
As long as your mass is >0 it should be ok. I have used 0.0001 lbs without problems. I think your problem is in the pods. Their mass is 0 even though the components have mass. If I get a chance I will try to look into it more this week.

If you figure it out, let us know!
I got it to sim without error by turning off Mass Override, which was set to zero, on the middle of the 3 body tubes.

I still can't get it to run correctly even after I went thru all the components and unchecked the 'mass override' feature.:confused2:
Okay... I fixed it. I'm not sure why this worked, but it did...

In the pods, there is a check box for ejecting the pods during flight. I unchecked the box and the simulation runs just fine now.