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Jan 19, 2009
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Here is your opportunity to throw suggestions on themes for the monthly competition! :) I will keep track of all the suggestions, and maybe a few of my own, and throw them back at you for that month's competition!

So, let me know what type of Themes the contest should have. Remember, when possible, there will be 2 competitions each month(LPR and MPR/HPR), so some suggestions are better suited for one class more then the other. For example: Upscales , which would be more appropriate for MPR/HPR , whereas, Goonies would be more appropriate for LPR..Let me know what you want to see for a theme and I will do my best to 'make it so'! :)
W.O.P. contest:eyepop:
"Waste Of Propellant" or All Show, No Go Rockets

Saucers,Spools,Pyramids, and other odd shaped rockets.
Don't ditch the upscale option for LPR. I've upscaled many rockets to BT-55 or BT-60 that were originally BT-5 or BT-20. :)
An "Inovation" theme for cool stuff that people come up in their builds?

A "Neat Electronics/Avionics" Theme?

A "Dunce" theme for our failed attempts at this and that (I'll win a few of these BTW)
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How about

"Clusters" and not just the biggest cluster, maybe the coolest cluster.

"Fighters" rockets that look like fighter jets or space ships..

" Plastic models" you gotta love those. ones that have flown!
Patriotic. Open to any member's home country.

Oops - dumb mistake that wasn't corrected. Kind of like gluing a fin on the wrong way etc.

Sci-Fi / Fantasy could be a cool one


Kit Bashes, though this could devolve into a goonie fest, but you could do a gonnie competition one month and an all other kit bashes the next. My one BRC I won was on a Deuce kit bash

"A what was I thinking paint job" odd color combination, or extremely challenging paint jobs.
Best original goonie.


Use of of non-rocketry item recycled into a rocket.

Best rocket launch costume.

Best flying christmas tree.

Most use of duct tape.

Largest Micromaxx cluster.

I like the WOP, original Goony, and kitbash ideas.

A few of my own:

Should Not Fly (but Does): stuff that doesn't even close to resemble a rocket, and yet still flies. Think Astron Invader...

Overpowered: big motors in little rockets. Could be M/HPR or LPR

Odd recovery: gliders, helicopters, etc

Multistage rockets

Your first rocket
There are some rockets that are common in everyone's fleet, so you could have best: Fatboy, Big Bertha, Big Daddy, etc.

How about a "Best Theme" theme. I have seen rockets donning their favorite team's logo, favorite beer, comic book and cartoon characters, pirates, etc. Or, maybe your rocket is a bit less whimsical and raises awareness of human rights or the plight of the wood stork.

You could do "Best Survivor" - for those rockets that have been through the ringer and back but continue to make it to launch after launch.

I also really like Don's Idea -W.O.P. I think we all have at least one of those.
Huh? What like a "Happy Days" rocket???:confused:
UGLIEST ROCKET :roll::roll::roll::roll::y::y::y::y::y::y: I got one for that theme.:roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll: Scotty Dog
I definitely vote for the ugliest rocket. I have at least 50 or 60 good entries for that one....
Just some ideas...

- Big rocket with a slow liftoff
- Oldest and still flying
- Scale (best Redstone, best V-2, best Saturn X, etc)
- Best scratch
- Anything that recovers w/o a chute or streamer
- Most complex

- All thrust no go; highest impulse, lowest altitude achieved
- Anything RS'd supersonic that's flown that way (and come back)
- Scale (best Redstone, best V-2, best Saturn X, etc)
- HPR equivilent cluster or staged (w/o HP motors)
- Most data collection per flight
- Most complex
How about best scratch built with the Patriotic theme suggested by Sandy above. But it must be scratch built. nukemmcssret :cheers:
Yesterday, Trudy hit on the idea of a contest theme. we were talking about the Ugliest Rocket competition and I was explaining how a few were entered "post crash". SHe perked up an said " Why not a contest for rockets rebuilt AFTER a crash? You can call it FrankenRocket."

Can you guys see why I love her?
Me, being a pemtech minion, must suggest the 50's retro theme, but layne cant enter:p:D:roll: