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May 17, 2017
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Hi, a friend and I are currently building a remote-controlled rocket glider that will be 3D printed. Our rocket is modeled after the Bell X-1 and it is about 1/16 the size, but it is not completely to scale. The weight is approximately 2 pounds. We were looking into getting the Aerotech E15-PW, but we were looking for something a little more powerful with a decent burn time like the E6-RCT. But our question is what would be the most ideal plugged motor for a rocket of this weight?
You can plug any AT reloadable by greasing the end of the delay grain, packing the powder well with dog barf, and taping over the top.

Plugged closures for many sizes are also available.

I'm not a glider guy, but that seems pretty heavy. Have you looked at the 32mm stuff?
I doubt an E6 or E15 will have anywhere near the power to lift a 2 pound rocket. Use something like to get an idea of what motors might work. If you use Aerotech reloadable motors you can simply leave out the ejection charge. You will need to plug the top of the ejection well!
Any motor can be used as a plugged motor by removing the ejection charge. Bothe Aerotech and CTI have approved this and so it's legal. Only Estes condisers this modification of the motor.