Best mounting option for Jolly Logic III on Estes MDRM?

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Feb 14, 2017
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Just looking for suggestions on how best to attach/mount this without interfering with flight while protecting it as well. Is it best to just velcro it to the interior of body tube near the CPG or on the outside of the tube using mounting kit from JL? I feel like if it is on the outside, it would create a fair amount of drag and possibly cause flight path to shift quickly. Not having flown this rocket yet, I am not certain of how true it will fly. On the inside, I will probably add the protector case, but that adds more weight. I will also be using the JL Chute Release too.

Any suggestions are appreciated and thank for your time,

The protecting case and JLIII won't add that much weight. I just attach mine to the nose cone with the tether and the weight will be at the nose where it won't hurt your CG much.
I use a keychain ring to hold mine to the loop on the nosecone. I don't have an MDRM, but I haven't found a rocket that would be incompatible with this method.
Cool, thanks for the advice. I like the idea of tethering it rather than screwing it to the outside or even using velcro on the inside.
If you are worried about it bouncing around against the nosecone, I also tape it to the shock cord (still tethered to the nosecone) with a little piece of masking tape.
On Wastelander (4" Madcow Cowabunga - not too terribly different than the MDRM) I use the protector for it from Dino Chutes, it comes with a tether, and attach it to the nose cone eyebolt. And add a zip tie to hold it to the shock cord to keep it from flopping around. So far so good. You can probably wrap the velcro that came with it around the shock cord to hold it.

On Danger Close the JLIII sits in its mounting kit inside the A/V bay along with a RRC2+.