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Jun 30, 2010
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Whats everyones favorite masking tape for masking off areas that shouldn't be painted? Which masking tape gives a nice , crisp line?
I myself prefer 3m Blue Tape (aka , Painters Tape). I have only used it once , but it gave the neatest line That I've ever seen! And even on a balsa nosecone , there was no leaks under the tape like some different brands leave.
I agree on the blue 3M painter's tape. There is also a purple one that adheres as well and is designed for delicate surfaces.
I struggle with paint creep too. Even though I overspray the tape with the base colour. I recently got some tamiya masking tap - which is also blue, though I haven't used it as yet..
Another good feature about the 3m Painters tape , is that it Sunlight & UV doesn't make the adhesive leak onto what ever it's on . And 3m claims that It can be left onto the surface for upto 14days without the adhesive going crazy and pulling up your fine paintwork :D