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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Want to share a positive experience that happened to me today. Today I had an interview that lasted 1.5 hours! First interview was the basic introduction, really have no feel on how it went but must of said something he liked cause he said he wanted me to meet someone. Then he got the next person, and he asked me a bunch of questions, and at the end he closes the folder and says "I like it!" Looks at his watch, "I want you to meet someone, let me check if she is still here" She came, and I was very nervous cause she started grilling me with technical questions. Had to dig in my mind for things I only done or read about in college, but I think I think I satisfied most of her questions. Overall I feel this interview was the best one I had so far this year, and I have a feeling that there is a good chance with this one.

Please everyone that knows me, put me in your prayers. My current job is not doing me any good. Its not a matter of if I will run out of money, its a matter of when. I need a new job, and this may be the opportunity that I have been looking for. thanks :)
Will pray on your behalf, but if this opportunity doesn't pan out, keep fighting the good fight.

Hope it works out for you with the new company - it does sound like they're definitely interested, though, so hopefully a phone call in a day or so....

73 ES GL DE Wayne N5WD
My thoughts and prayers are definitely with you! The economy's tough and I know how difficult it is being in a job that's either unfulfilling or not going to take you anywhere.
That sounds really good, hope it works out! Always seems to me that if you think they like you on an interview, (ie lots of positive feed back, and body language that is positive not just the assumption that they liked you) you have a good chance of an offer.
Dont forget to send a thank you letter for the interview

I was going to post the same thing.

It should be a SHORT note that thanks them for the interview. You may also BRIEFLY point out one thing you would bring to their team based on a need they mentioned at some point.

Good luck!!!
Good luck! Being very quiet myself the interview was always the hard part. A long interview is a good omen - some of mine lasted 10 minutes!
I did send a Thank you e-mail :). I have no idea on the timeline for other ppl that have to be interviewed before they make a decision, and I hope they all decide to give me a chance,
I did send a Thank you e-mail :). I have no idea on the timeline for other ppl that have to be interviewed before they make a decision, and I hope they all decide to give me a chance,

Email is a useful tool for communicating job details, updates, etc. Save the thank you's for something more memorable and personal.

Here's a tip:

STEP 1: Go to Hallmark. Buy a 10-pack of "Thank you" cards. They have some that are designed to appear very business/professional and come with envelopes. As you meet with managers, supervisors, or anyone influential of their decision in whether or not you will get a job there, collect either a business card of theirs or scribble their name and title on your "interview portfolio" notepad. (Interview portfolio = a small leather bound folder usually found for less than $15 in a Staples/WalMart. Carry paper, a pen, and resumes in it.)

STEP 2: The minute you leave your interview, stop in at the nearest Starbucks, bar, wherever and write out your cards. Comments made in your interview will be fresh. As soon as those are done, turn right back around, walk into the front office, and drop them off with the receptionist.

BONUS/OPTIONAL STEP: Receptionists are like a concierge. If you're uncertain as to whether you've over/under dressed for an interview, they would be the ones that could likely help you make that call. I've had one hold my coat and tie for an informal interview. Be friendly. Some are busy, some are all smiles, but most importantly they can also provide you very good insights into the morale and way of life at the office. Receptionists can be the gateway to some companies believe it or not. They deal with everyone from the top down and are pretty good judges of character. Thank them for their time. If they truly helped you, I've even gone as far as leaving them a thank you note with a $5 Starbucks giftcard. It's a very memorable gesture and will place you well above the common interview candidate.

STEP 3: Begin drafting your "follow-up" letter. Interviewing for jobs, well, is a JOB all by itself, so don't skimp. Send a follow-up letter 1 week after your interview to reiterate your gratitude, but to also express a continued interest in the position. Include another copy of your resume.

In this day and age jobs are very hard to come by and there will be many more candidates than ever. If you qualify for a position and interview well, then yes - you might get the job. I once interviewed for a single position with 350+ candidates. I got the job. Why? It's because I did more than just sell myself. I made an impression and went out of my way to ensure they knew how much I appreciated their time.

Best of luck with the job. If this one doesn't pan out, don't dwell on it. Look forward to your next interviewing opportunity. I, myself, will soon be back in the mix looking for work back home and have not only been turned down more than a few times, but have also managed many jobs in just a few short years.

All the best.
eugenefl -- Some great advice! I hope I don't need it any time soon . . . but I'll remember a few of these tips.

n3tjm -- good luck!

Welcome back. It's great to hear from you again. I hope all is going well.

Welcome back. It's great to hear from you again. I hope all is going well.

Many thanks. Things are stable I suppose. I've been taking inventory of everything for an upcoming liquidation, so stay tuned. I'm willing to take a hit on the sale of my house, so rocketry will help fund the difference I will need to come up with.

I feel like I've watched a lot of people go through various stages of life on this forum, Doug included. I just hope he lands this job.