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Jan 20, 2004
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After looking through the threads I have decided to get the initiator starter package for mid-power. I got the bug at the recent HERC event. Who have you found to be the best internet dealer? I have lost some money with a few and would like an objective opinion.

Thanks so much,
I've used all three of these companies several times and never had a problem with them. They all ship pretty quickly and some have order tracking.

In alphabetic order...

A2Z Hobbies
Ray, check out <a href="">Rocket Warehouse dot com</a>. I know the owner personally. His name is Jorge and he used to sell and fly rockets at the THOR club. He's a very nice guy. His website currently lists the Aerotech Initiator Starter Set as being In-Stock, but you might want to call him first before you order. He lives in Brandon, so it actually might be worth your while to just order from him and pick it up. (Save on shipping and the possibility of not being in stock.) Tell him Eugene w/ onboard video from THOR sent you. He should remember me although it's been over a year now.

I can vouch for a2z. I've purchased from them before and they've always delivered on time. Since you are purchasing a higher dollar item and a set that has been low in production lately, be sure to call the vendor first and ensure they have it in stock before you hand over the payment. Chances are, if they don't get back with you right away or at all you may hold off. All the links Zippy offered are very reasonable vendors.

Good luck! I am extremely excited for you. I remember the feeling of getting started into mid power. You won't be disappointed with Aerotech rockets either. Very nice to build.
It looks like hobbylinc has quit carrying Aerotech stuff.
I've got an extra Initiator starter kit I've been thinking about putting on Ebay. You want it?
It doesn't come with motors or motor casings.
It comes with the Initiator rocket kit, Interlock Launch controller, and Mantis launch pad. All in the unopened box.
Let me know.

....or, I was going to suggest you see if someone on the Forum has one to sell. These guys hoard stuff like this. :D Might sound crazy, but there are a few guys on here that might have 2 or 3 stashed away. I know Hobby Lobby (which we don't have in Tampa...closest one is in the panhandle) recently started putting all the rocket stuff on clearance. People on this forum were getting AT Starter Sets for like $20!!! Makes me sick! :)
BEWARE! I had a bad experience with A2Z that will keep me from using them again. They mailed a rocket with a long tube in a box that was too short. If the thing fit at all, it fit only on the diagonal. The box was delivered mutilated by UPS and, naturally, so was the rocket. It took several calls and e-mails to A2Z before they finally made things right. I guarantee they spent more money on the customer service person's salary dealing with me than on the replacement for that kit...not to mention that they lost a customer for life. Bad customer service is something I have absolutely no patience for. Vive le FlisKits!
I have had deallings with Magnum, Discount Rocketry and Great Lakes Hobbies. All three have been great, delivering promptly and if anything is backordered, they ship promptly on the items as soon as they come in.
Thanks for all of the replies, I actually built a LOC AURA last night while my son watched Finding Nemo. He really wanted to help, but I got him something a little less expensive to practice on.

I had the LOC sitting around because we where having rocket car competitions in our neighborhood and I was going to use it for the basis, never got to it though.

I'll try Tim first then rocketwharehouse since he is local.

Thanks for the help,