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A.K.A. 'Mr. HoJo'
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Dec 4, 2016
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Birmingham, AL
I'd like to build a HPR fiberglass version of the Honest John (my favorite all time rocket). Looking for some opinions on which ones would be best as a sport-flyer. Bigger is probably better. Attention to scale is not really a factor for me. I have about ten versions of the rocket already--just want a good, solid, rugged sport flyer in fiberglass for HPR. 54mm or larger.

Anyone build one that they really like?
The 4" Madcow is pretty nice. It's not DD, but there's plenty of room in the NC to convert it to HED
The fins are flat G-10, I did a balsa & glass build up to airfoil mine.
I concur with the recommendation for the 4" Madcow kit. I modified mine for DD, built up the fins to the diamond airfoil, and added my scale spin pods. Here is a photo.

Mad Cow 4%22 Honest John 01.jpg