Best deal on a drill press?

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Who has the best deal on a variable speed drill press? I need to buy one and need your help finding a good one at a good price.

The Ocean State joblot near my house has one for aroun $75, I think a little less
I believe that Harbor Freight has a decent one for $40 in their catalog - standard price. I can't tell you much about it other than it is variable speed...

I just currently bought a drill press attachment for my Dremel and let me tell you it is well worth the (roughly) $40 I spent on it. If it's a hobby drill press you need I highly recommend it.
I have one in my parents house I'm giving away! but ya need to contact me quick, the house and contents went on the market today:(
I simply don't have the room for it or Dad's old wood lathe. If you want them come and get em!