Best 'chute foil???

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Jan 18, 2009
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What do you make your parachutes from? Which is the cheapest/most effective foil?

They no longer sale them in bulgaria, but the material for 1 'chute used to cost $1.50. I searched at, where I am going to make an order from, but only found assembled ESTES parachutes.

Polyethylene bag, or garbage bag, if you can get those in europe/bulgaria (still?- alot of countries are phasing them out)
silver survival blankets give you lots of material for just a few Euros.
very thin 1/4mil polyethylene bags is one of the best materials.

Don't know if your Drycleaners use the same super thin materials they do over here but it you can get those super thin bags, or the very cheap "dollar Store" type Polyethylene Black trash bags that are about the same thickness they work extremely well also.

1/4Mil mylar is getting very hard to find. I used to buy it from Apogee, (before Tim) Still have a small supply but don't have a clue where anyone else can purchase the material anymore.

I believe ASP may still sell 1/2mil mylar in sheets, and Space blankets are a little thicker yet but make pretty nice sport flying chutes.
Hope that helps a little.
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