best $4.29 ever spent

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Rob Fisher

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Jan 23, 2004
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I got this from tower hobbies for $4.29 for my daughter. I think it's the most rocket you can possibly get for the least amount of dough! My 4 year old daughter sleeping with it, priceless! Temps in the high 60's this saturday-gonna launch her.
I was hoping for a picture of this sleeping-with-rocket/snuggling episode..... ;)

Be glad she's a "she." My boys want to hurl my rockets at each other like javelins and run around the house holding them at arms length - horizontally - making loud "whooosh" noises.......
OMG that is cool Rob...I have one but haven't built it. I also noticed the color, two of my daughters rockets are purple...girls huh? ;)

Probably shouldn't admit it, but purple is one of my favorite colors also :eek: