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Jan 18, 2009
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I've finally completed the BerthaVostok I built for my local NAR club, HUVARS, Bertha-Bash-o-Rama-Thon! (see )

The concept was inspired by Sandman's Gemini Bertha (see: )

The rocket used all of the original Bertha parts except I replaced the shock cord with Kevlar and the launch lug with one from a Baby Bertha.

The basic build is as described for Peter Alway's "Simplified Vostok". I upscaled the design to a BT-60 and instead of using Peter's templates, I made my own using the graphics from a paper model downloaded from the web. The graphics on the body tube were resized from the paper model and printed onto full-size label paper which I used as a body wrap (a technique I learned from JFlis's ACME Spitfire's "skins").

This was truly a melting pot of Rocketry Forum lessons, techniques, and ideas. It's been a blast to build.
Overly dramatic top photo with good view of upper graphics.
That is cool know what Gus. Love the Vostoc, and I am a semi-fan of the Big Bertha. Great job!
Cool , I love the attention to detail, the underside is as good as the rest of it !

Good Job !

Sod it ......


Originally posted by flying_silverad
Nice Job Gus. I like the details. Now for some launch pics...Hmmmm?

FLY IT ???? What, are you out of your mind ???? I must have spent 30 hours building this thing and, I mean, it could crash, or blow up, or.....or.....or.......... OK.....I've reconsidered......nevermind.

I can't wait. :D
Gus ,

thats exactly the kind of absurd thing they told me after I built my first rocket. Fly it !? What do you mean ! Like , put a motor in it and send it skyward ?! No Waaaaaaaay !

Then 2 seconds later it all seemed such a great plan ! Must be subliminal messages flashing away in the forum images ....


Man, it's about time!:D

I really like how the fins blend in!

OK, I admit deserved to beat me!

That looks AWSOME!

sandman Sandman said...AWSOME!!!!!

Could you give us a link to the paper patterns you used?
I absolutely love the overly dramatic overhead shot. (Well, not to forget mentioning that you did a great job on this rocket, IT LOOKS AWESOME!) From up top it'd be really cool to add some kind of smoke effect underneath. Wait, go light it with a match and take some pictures! :D j/k

Great job!
Gus.... the only thing that I can think of to makle this rocket look better, is to take a launch picture of it... (hint, hint!!)

'Lifts off nice and slow... just like the real, I mean the un-real thing!!" :D
Excellant work, Gus(and the Sandman). Great concept and execution. The Bertha family continues to grow!
Took the BerthaVostok to the park today.

First flight was on a B6-4, underpowered, hit the ground without any damage, then ejected the parachute. Should have gone much higher, even on a B, seems like the engine cut out early.

Second flight, on C6-5 was beautifully high, if not exactly arrow straight. (Note to future BerthaVostok builders... put the fins on before the strap ons :rolleyes: ).

Third flight was really nice and high.

All in all, a very goofy and fun rocket.

Now to fly it at a HUVARS launch!!!

First pic: Liftoff