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Jan 17, 2009
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Our local NAR club, HUVARS had our Bertha Bash last night and I thought you guys would like to see some pics.

1st place in "scale" division (OK if I hadn't voted for his entry and I hadn't "invited him I woud have won!)

Our own new member "Gus"

Here is a, well....

I guess...a Zappa Bertha...

Wow...those are really cool Sand! Zappa Bertha?? Looks like a "Bertha Big Schnoz," if you ask me! LOL :D !! Where's yours??

Here is a "group" shot of the "entrys"

Left to right

Zappa Bertha, Peter Always ?? Bertha?, a Big Betty, a Baby Bertha Glider, a Mini Bertha, two stage Bertha, My own Pegasus Bertha, and Gus's Vostok Bertha

Here is my Pegusus Bertha along with the "Glider" entry.

YEA! well I had documentation from the judges book!

Oh, yea...I bought some tubes for the LJ II kits.

That's Jim Fackert (Totally Tubular)

Thanks for the pics. I really enjoy the Bertha models; Super Big Bertha is one of my favorites. Where was the bash held, a school building or something? I also have been following the progress of the Little Joe II. I might be interested in one of the possible kits also. It looks really neat. I noticed in one of your picture posts, ona wall was a poster of Estes Ignite the Imagination. As I like to collect Estes materials, is one of these posters available anywhere or where did you get yours? Of course, I meant to begin this reply: Hello sandman!
Hello back billEblurzz

The poster "Ignite the Imagination" I got when I bought out a closing hobby shop along with a whole bunch of other Estes "stuff"..

The Bertha "event was held at Jim Fakert's (Totally Tubular) business.

Oh and as for the Little Joe II...possible :confused: OH no! More than possible!

It's DO-A-BLE!

Late spring or early summer release.


Obviously the ONLY reason I won is that it was "Be incredibly nice to the new guy" night. My entry wasn't complete, it wasn't scale, and it wasn't nearly as good as your Pegasus. Folks, it was Peter Alway himself who ignored these "minor technicalities". I'm pretty sure the fix was in! If this is how HUVARS convinces new members to come back, it worked :D !

And for those of you who have never had the opportunity to sit in a room full of grown men building bashed Berthas, you simply haven't lived. What a ridiculously great idea!

Here's a pic of my progress on "BerthaVostok", or "Big Yuri", or "BoctocBertha"...

Hurry and get the fins on!

It seems to lose a lot of "Berthaness" without them.

Originally posted by Gus
Here's a pic of my progress on "BerthaVostok", or "Big Yuri", or "BoctocBertha"...

I suggest Big Olga. :) And whatever you name it, it's very cool.