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mark schnell

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Feb 13, 2004
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This is a Bell X-1 that was kitted by Atlantic Rockets. I got it several years ago, they went out of business right around the time that I got it. I can't remember the owner's name but he was a super nice guy. You wouldn't happen to be a part of this forum would you? When I contacted him about the kit he just gave me one free of charge. He wouldn't even let me pay him for shipping. :p

This is roughly 1:24 scale. It is based on the BT-80 and Phoenix nosecone. It would be difficult to recreate all the detail of the X-1 with just nosecone, body tube, balsa, and boat tail (that means it would be too much of pain for me), but I think this is a pretty good representation.

The kit decals disintegrated when I tried to apply them so I stole some from an Aerographics X-1 that I had. I still have to make the canopy decals and put the red stripe on the stars and bars. My wife is a graphic designer so that shouldn't be too hard for me to get done. I messed up the decals on the wings. One of them, can't remember if it's top or bottom, goes on the other wing. I'll probably just live with that. The weird shapes on the boat tail are clear plastic fins that are masked off till I clear coat it.

I'm going to launch try it on a D-12-3, then if all goes well try an E15-4 I'll post pics and report when I do. I've always had a thing for the X-1. How about trying one Shrox?!! I can't wait for that X-3!
Would love to to a build on that one. Nice job on it Mark.
Stones, I'll wait to see if the seller of that kit is on this forum or if anyone knows if Atlantic Rockets are ever going to be in business again. If not maybe I can post the plans and fin traces, and parts list.
I made a SHX-1 a few years ago based on a BT-60. One of the wings ripped off, the rocket cartwheeled out of control and the wing fluttered down to land gently on my head.

I'll try again someday.

I used a spray paint made by Rustoleum. It's called Painter's Touch - Multi-purpose paint. It's not regular rustoleum, or least it's not packaged that way. The color is #1953, Real orange, You can buy it at any of the big stores.

I have seen the X-1 in the Smithsonian about 15 times and this paint doesn't seem to be too far off what I remember the actual color.
Originally posted by mark schnell
I used a spray paint made by Rustoleum. It's called Painter's Touch - Multi-purpose paint. ...
I use this particular paint, exclusively, for all my rocket painting. It does a great job, imho. I use the primer of this same brand so there is no compatability problems.
Wow Mark

What a greaty looking rocket!

I was wondering if anybody has kit on the market now?