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Sold Beginner model rockets for sale!

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Sep 21, 2021
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Hello Everyone,

To cover the costs of my rocketry habit, I have been working on some model rocket kits to sell. The rocket is meant for beginners and is fully assembled. It has a 3d printed fin can and is 18mm in diameter and 18 inches long. It has a streamer as a recovery device and a kevlar shock cord. The rocket also comes with some rocket wadding and can fly on almost all 18 mm motors. There is a video showing how to prepare the rocket for flight linked here,

The rocket can fly over 1000 feet on a C motor! I am selling it for $32 and I will cover standard ground shipping costs. I accept Zelle and PayPal. If anyone has any questions I would happily answer them. I’ve already sold over 10!

Launch spreadsheet

You will need some things that don’t come with the rocket to fly:
Electronic ignition system
Rocket motor
Launch pad
Thin Tape
Launch Site

Here are some pictures of the product and a video of it in flight. (Note: the rocket does not come painted or with any cheesy stickers)


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