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Jan 18, 2009
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Been doing some work on my launch box the last couple of days.
It is essentially "done" except to get it to actually fit in the ammo can; I measured once and cut twice, I really did. Just need to cut some more ;)
Lettering/markings of some sort would be nice too.
A pictorial record of the progression. OK, so not really but...

The schematic

Front of mockup

Rear of mockup

Assembled panel- power key in upper left and its yellow light next is the arm switch that lights up red
green continuity light and its push button (buzzer on back) the thing on the right next to the glare is the RCA jack to go out to the remote box and the two black things on bottom are the launch buttons

Assembled and powered with the key off

With the key on the yellow light comes on

Arm switch on it glows red

Continuity test with no continuity - NO GO!
no light, no buzzer

My High Speed, Low Drag, Super Slick, Non-Stick, Teflon Coated Rocket simulator/continuity provider

And with it in, we are a GO!!!
trust me, the buzzer is buzzing

go 'clones!

Thanks to all that provided feedback.
Like I said, now just have to get it mounted in the box, get a battery or two, and go launch rockets.

Looks GREAT!!!!

Remember to post some pics of your first real launch, those light bulbs just don't have that nice Woooosh to them :D

Originally posted by Goose_in_CO
Remember to post some pics of your first real launch, those light bulbs just don't have that nice Woooosh to them :D
True. True.
I was just glad to get it this far. It worked in the mock up stage, but after I got it assembled when I turned the key on and switched on the Arm switch, the buzzer would come on, but no green light. Both not supposed to happen. Scratched my head for a while, the light bulb in my head came on (dimmly) and I figured it out.
Then a terminal broke off the key that needed soldered back on.
Used hot glue to hold wires down to the plywood. Did you know that there is a good reason they call hot glue "hot" glue? Not quite hot enough to burn you, but enough to really get your attention when it drips on you thigh and you are wearing shorts. :eek:
Thanks for the info you gave me,
Hope it is not nearly as hot and humid out there as it is here,
Originally posted by Justin Horne
I dunno. I think the lightbulb is just begging to be modded... ;)

A lightbulb shaped rocket?... hmmmmm?

As an addendum, compare the views of the back of the mockup and the final product.
Sometime I may have to see about doing something to clean it up.



The red blob in the lower left corner is a failed buzzer that was glued in place and then died.
Inside the green circle is a large blob where 4 wires come together and are soldered into a big chunk.
The blue line is where I had to break off the ground buzzer that I thoughtlessly connected to the ground wire that runs across the middle. It is exactly what it would look like if the picture were better, a piece of wire from Romex hot glued to the plywood to act as a common ground.
The more I look at it, the more I think I do need to tidy it up; then I think "NO IT WORKS. DON'T SCREW WITH IT,"