Been MIA for way too venture


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Jan 28, 2009
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Hi all,

Got an email from the forum the other day saying that I have been missed and should come back to see what's going. Been a while since I have flown or built anything. I took a break from rocketry (flying that is) to go back to school and get my graduate certificate in engineering leadership. I completed that back in July :clap: During that time I was still spending some time in my shop but I was doing more woodworking than building rockets. About two months ago I started my own business, Vetere Custom Woodworks, and have been commissioning woodworking projects on the side. I am still a full time engineer but this has given me the opportunity to turn my other hobby into a nice small business. I certainly do miss flying and building with this community and I hope to rejoin the fun next year. Hope everyone's flying season went well and I hope to see you out there soon!


PS The purpose of this post was not to give a plug to my new venture but if you would like to check out the projects I have been working on you can check me out on Instagram @veterecustomwoodworks or on my Facebook page Vetere Custom Woodworks. Happy flying!