Been Flying Since the '60s. Anyone Else?

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Feb 28, 2016
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I first flew an Estes WAC Corporal so long ago, I don't remember the year, but I'm guessing 1965. Have been building and flying them on and off ever since.

First discovered Estes from their ads in Boy's Life magazine and was fascinated at the idea of actual flying rockets since I was already a space geek kid.

Built the X-Ray, Apogee II (but never had much success with staging) and others whose names I can't recall.

In the '70s I loved the Camroc as I had access to a darkroom back then and could develop and print blow-ups of those grainy, but large negatives. Lost most of those prints over the years, but got some good shots (MacElwain Elementary School's field, Birmingham, AL).

Anyone out there flying longer than that?
End of the '60 and I bought parts for a scratch build even back then. Under $3 with shipping. It was lost on it's first flight to a tree :/
I got my start in 1968 with an MRI Lambda 8, would probably still have it except my friends and I didn't seem to understand you shouldn't fly in windy conditions.
I was way into Estes kits and then scratch builds (to save money) from about 1965 to 1969.
Changed schools in 1969 and lost the flying field......
Well, I started in 1968 and kept going until about 74-75, then it was the 1990s before I flew again. Stayed at it pretty much since then.
just proves you guys are OLD !!!! just kidding I was born in the 60s and flew my first rocket in 76 . Estes Scout if I remember correctly , starter kits were too costly a metal rod a chunk of 4X4 some plastic wood and an old extension cord with a 9v was my launch equipment !!!!
Astron Scout. Early 60's. It is not flyable but I still have the rocket.
Bought an Astron Scout in 1963, and then an Astron Apogee (the original, not the Apogee II, there is a difference). Then went on to scratch building until 1965.
Oct 1968, Estes Alpha. Forget the motor, but back when they came in a blue tube with white end caps. Homemade launch system (36" welding rod stuck in wood base, doorbell button and lawn motor battery), which my 8th grade math teacher (Boyd Gonzales) helped me put together. Parts of the rocket are probably still hanging on the power lines near my parent's house in Minnesota.

also a B.O.R. Continued flying except during 3 year tour in Germany in early 80's.
First in 64?-65?
'69, 2-stage triple C cluster. Payload was a mouse. Still have the color pics taken from a box camera. And the trophy too.
Started in 1967. Brother and I ordered a Centuri parts assortment, LIA-50 pad, and motors. I built a launch controller. Brian stop a while later, but I am in my 50th year in the hobby. Joined the NAR in '68 and flew my first contest that year. Served on various NAR committees and nine years on the Board of Trustees.
Funny that my late ex-wife thought in the late '70s that I would outgrow it. Too many kits and motors to quit now...