Beautifully restored B-29 flies in formation with only other flying B-29

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Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Jan 31, 2009
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The restoration of Doc:

I am working to restore a B-17. We are in year 11 and have many to go. Sixteen years is pretty fast in my opinion. Well done to everyone that worked on her; she's a beauty.
Any Russian ripped off versions still out there?

How Russians copied captured B-29


There are only three Tu-4s known to still exist.

One is at the Central Air Forces Museum at Monino, outside Moscow. I had the opportunity to photograph it two years ago when I was there.

The other two are at the Chinese Air Force museum at Datangshan, outside Beijing. Both were modified with turboprops, and one had a large radar fitted to it, turning it into an AEWC platform. While the AEWC version never flew as it was too heavy, the Chinese did not fully retire the Tu-4 until 1988. It is rumored there are some stashed away at remote bases in inner Mongolia, but if that is true, no one has seen them.