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I will be there. I would bring my Forte, but its in a tree. Maybe I will have it out by then. Anyway, I will be there Saturday. I hope we have good weather. My brother will bring his Rising Star payload rocket and fly on his 24/40 RMS.
Hope to see ya there John.I'll be bringing a few new projects as well as some old stuff.Also,at least your Forte still stands a chance.Mine did a thousand foot header into a hardpan.She will be rebuilt though.Look for a thread in the Coffee House area with pics of the damage before weeks end.
BTW I'll be the guy with the silver ACR Neon with the duel tips coming out the back.
Great day yesterday at Battlepark y'all! Started out with thick fog but it burned off by 11.The winds weren't nearly as strong as predicted.
I myself managed to get off a bunch of flights.I started with a near perfect flight on my old reliable Mean Machine on a D12-5.This was followed up with one of Phred's Excelsior Goony managed to screw up the paint on this one pretty nicely so instead of stripping it or wasting my decals on it I instead dubbed it "How to screw up a paint job".Not such good luck as this one snagged on the launch rod and only achieved about 20 feet of sky before plopping to the ground dirty but otherwise undamaged.An immediate reloading of this one along with a liberal dose of pelletgun oil on the launch rod yielded a rather nice flight on a B6-4.
Next in line was my newly built Estes Firestreak on also on a B6-4.This one was also less than perfect as the gold and red mylar streamers snagged on the tri-fold shock cord mount.This allowed the ejection gases to vent past the wadding then through the streamers and to blow the nose without ejecting anything else.Needless to say the streamers are toast.However,she will fly again tomorrow.
After that I got to throw up my Estes Corkscrew on a C6-5 followed by my Big Red Max also on a C6-5.Both of these flights where picture perfect.
Finally to round out the day I sent my PML Black Brant VB up on a G64-4 for another awesome flight.
Now to hear me tell it you would think that I was the only one there but rest assured there was plenty of awesome stuff flying today.Flights ran the gaumet from As to Ms and everything in between.One of the more interesting birds put up was a WAC Bumper.This rocket looked to be about 12 inches across for the V-2.I didn't catch the motor on the first flight but the second was on a K550.The Bumper flew on an F50 both flights.
probably the most spectacular flight of the day was someones M powered beast.If I remember right it was an M1315.This flight reminded me of why I love M motors.
One special treat for all of the rocketeers this time was the fact that the owner of the farm just happens to ahve a little hobby of his own.Air cannon pumpkin chunckin'! He uses a cannon with about a 40 ft.barrel on it.Althought the cannon was set up over a mile away every time it fired it got our attention.That things gotta be a might wicked close up.
Well besides simply flying the weekend also gave me achance to hook with some fellow NOVAAR members as well as others.There where several people there for the first time who had seen rocketry on the Discovery Channel.
All in all it was a great day.Good times and good conversation.I'll write a bit about Sunday(today) as soon as I get a chance to.