EVENT Battlepark February "Bonus" Launch

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Oct 25, 2016
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Tripoli Central Virginia has added a bonus February launch to our schedule. Join us on Feb 25 & 26 for two extra day of flying. As always, we'll be monitoring the weather and will post updates on the website (battlepark.org) and here if there are any changes.

We're expecting a couple of SLI full scale launches, practice flights from several TARC teams, and, as always, great flights from club members.
The weather for Saturday looks pretty dicey. There is a chance for some rain and low clouds in the morning. In order to support SLI/IREC teams with limited schedules, we're going to be there and try to launch but if you have the option, I'd suggest coming out on Sunday.

Sunday looks like it will be a pretty nice day to fly with temperatures near 60 and plenty of sun.
Saturday is Cancelled.

Got off three flights before the rain and sleet hit. Enjoy your Saturday and see on at Battlepark tomorrow
Sunday was a great day of flying! Despite some early morning fog and a slow start we had 70+ flights. By mid afternoon, the wind was very low and we had saw a handful of K-motors and at least one L.

Some photos will be posted on our website (battlepark.org). If you have any photos to share, from this flight, let's see them!