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Jan 17, 2009
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Toney, AL
So on March 1st I went to Game Stop for the midnight release of Bad Company 2, which was cool...when we arrived home, I let my son play a little of the online stuff...let me just start by saying; "Hardcore mode is going to ROCK!!!" He played one of the new snow maps, not the map featured in the Xbox 360 demo, but rather a densely tree populated map, that looks to be a sniper heaven. The map is also shrouded in twilight, as it either takes place in the early AM, or at dusk.

I checked out a little single player (truly wishing I had a snow day to stay home and keep on playing), and without spoiling to much, Battlefield Bad Company 2 begins in World War 2...

First impressions:

Graphics are great...

Sound is awaesome, although I dislike the echo effect that Bad Company has in their games...

Single player game mode seems really nice, although I wish they would have taken it a little easy on the cut scenes (way to many)...

Multiplayer is fantastic, very simplistic and straight forward: Capture, Destroy or work, team work, team work!!

guns are nice, can't till I unlock the M14 EBR, the M16 and the M4. "Ole!"

In the demo, I did not like the melee system, but I am slowly warming up to it with the new release...lost two tags last I took two of my own

My K/D is okay, even for me at .94, I fully expect this to get worse, before it gets better...thats how I roll.

I'm xX DRAGON64 Xx on the Xbox, look me up...hey, we can get an achievment for meleeing 5 of our friends...who wants some this?

Sound off if you are playing this game...