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Jan 26, 2009
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I am in the process of a L3 build and starting to second quess some of the things I have done in the past.
Image that.
My consurn today is the battery holders I have been using for the altimeters.
Up to now I have been using the heavy duty 9v holders from Newton 3rd.
They have worked great so far.
The biggest test I have put them through so far was a flight that experienced 15g's.
Max Acc 480 ft/s/s.
I had them mounted with the terminals up not down for this flight.
Sims for the L3 flight show the Max Acc to be in the 800 ft/s/s range.
Thus my consurn.
Would it be ill advised to use these holder in this config for an L3 flight?
I was hopping not to have to make a new alt. sled.
They should be fine, use some cable ties or make a plate that screws onto the sled and over the top of the battery's to hold them down.
They should be OK, but I'm not in favor of ther terminals facing up. I used similar battery holders (from Missle Works) on my L3. I mounted them horizontally and use one cable tie to keep the battery from sliding out the "open" sides of the holder.
I use a Duracell 9VDC battery that is wire tied to the sled both top - bottom and side - side, terminals down, and uses a snap on connector like this. My most strenuous flight was 80 Gs with a I1299N in a 3 lb. rocket. Worked perfectly.
I use nothing more than zip ties and a heavy duty 9 volt battery clip and have not had any problems even with flight in the 60G range. Picture below shows what I do. I have used this setup in my L3 rocket.

Picture 007.jpg

Picture 008.jpg
I drill holes in the sled around the battery, then use three tie wraps per battery. I have never had a failure, excluding a lawndart :jaw:

The lawndart stripped the components off the altimeter (MAWD), not pretty.
The Digikey part number BH9V-W-ND is identical to the battery holders N3 sells (but with wire leads), and I think very similar to the Missile Works ones. I get them from Digikey since I tend to order other stuff from them regularly and it saves on shipping.
I use these got em off ebay a bag of 25 cheap, they are as strong as everything else in an av bay. Zip ties or a strap an your good to go. They hold a battery pretty snug without a strap and have a small foot print.


Here's the one I use. Bolts right to the sled and I mount them with the contacts down. There is a lip at the end opposite the connectors so there is no way this separates from the contacts unless something bends.

Available from Stevens International and other places probably.

One nylon tie through the sled and around the base of the battery for security and easy battery changing.

I do agree that zip ties will do the job but I'm a big fan of battery holders used in conjuction with a single zip-tie.

The one I like the most is the type that Olsen FCP-M2 altimeters mounted:


Obviously I can't find any right now that I need it...
Here is the one I use it is a smaller foot print than the ones you use GB and already has the wire soldered on, most of time the holder is close enough I just wire it directly to the altimeter. I like the metal ones too but some times it is to hard to remove the battery after. I use a piece of roof flashing just cut a strip and slide a piece of heat shrink over it. Then drill holes on the ends once I know what length I need and bolt it in place, put a dab of epoxy on the nuts and you only need a small screw driver to change battery's plus it looks nice when you show it off too :D Scissors will cut the flashing and if you break that everything else would be messed up by then anyway. Hey and it is even Green, no more plastic headed for the land fill from all the cut wire ties. Ok, I just got lucky with the last part lol.
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