Battery Died Maybe???

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Jan 17, 2009
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Woodstock, IL
So, I"m cleaning up the workshop today, and when I put something away in the cabinet where I keep my gel cell, I see it's got a white chalky substance ozzing away from a joint at the top of the case. Let me guess, it's dead, right???

Sigh. . .

Chemicals leaching out of a battery are usually a bad sign.

Where is is coming from?

The case seams or the case?
If that is indeed battery acid that seeped out, be careful sice it can really burn your skin.
Use eye protection, wear rubber gloves and clean it up the spill with water and baking soda.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Originally posted by sandman
Where is is coming from?

The case seams or the case?

The seams.

The battery's more than 5 years old, so I suspect it's time for a new one.
5 years for a $25 battery.......the decsion is a no brainer. Maybe Doug will let you do installment payments. ;-)
Where's the best place to buy gell cell batteries for launchers? How best to charge them?

Lead Acid Gel cells will tend to go bad after 5 years. Since the're sealed, any deposits are signs of battery failure.

Mad Rocketeer

These are several threads where I have made some comments on where to buy batteries and how to charge them.

Bob Krech