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May 26, 2009
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I have never owned a hand held "hiking/ personal outdoor" gps. I have a loki research gps/ arts piggybacked gps unit for my rocket recovery which (as far as im aware) simply gives you gps coordinates of the last known location. Clearly I am speaking in hypotheticals because ive never used one before and havent built the rocket yet. If this is true I would need something like google earth or a hand held gps to type in those coordinates in order to locate and recover the rocket, correct? Does anyone know if the iPhone app "google earth" can do this or would i need to buy a cheap garmin? Thanks for any help you can give me.
I just spent 900 on a full Loki gps/arts 900mhz system which is rather nice. Do we know for a fact if the software that you use on the computer doesnt give position using maps? The website is vague to me.

Also this may be a total newb question so forgive my ignorance but do you need the internet to use the Loki product since it has a powered link to the computer using HARDWARE as opposed to the use of software remotely via the internet?

This is the website, so i did my research but the website really doesnt answer any of these questions.... ducts