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Apr 26, 2009
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As you know, Michael's Craft stores puts out coupons almost every week and right now they're for 50% off any one item. Well, at the store near my house, they've got a stack of Estes Patriots on the pegs. With the discount, I think I can get them for just under $6 each. I'm thinking of picking up a few.

Pretty interesting deal, but I've already built the "stock 18mm" version. I'm satisified with it... paint turned out well, flies great, but I'm looking for something else to build out of the kits. Anyone have any fun ideas?

I could easily build it for 24mm power. What about a mini / goonied Tomahawk? Some sort of V2 looking thing using 1/2 the body tube?
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There are a few GOONYS that use that nose cone!

You don't HAVE to use a Baby Bertha.;)
Yep, Gordy... your 10/6 V2 Goonie used that nosecone. That Patriot kit would be a good match for that project if you hadn't already sourced the nosecone for me.

BrianC... I like the ideas! Is Scale Bash a website?
Hmmm..... I'm really liking the Aries idea. Hard to tell from the link posted above, but I'm assuming the actual rocket had a "skirt" near the bottom like this kit. Does that seem right?

To bash the Patriot to an Aries, I might have to come up with a solution for making a shroud like that.

The "Doorknob" also appeals to me...stubby, yet sporty.
I've always loved the Doorknob and have the perfect nc for a BT80 version. The Aries is cool too - almost like an elongated Big Daddy.