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Barium Nitrate 5 pounds $30.00 shipped!

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Original container, Granular form, from Skylighter,Inc

Steve G

Whoever buys this I'm up for a pound if you can be generous enough to split one off. I really can't use 5 lbs at this time. The Viking Princess wants me out of fireworks completely by 2020.....(ya-sure!)
Not to be considered a detractor here but anyone who purchases BaNO3 needs to be careful of the risks: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barium_nitrate.

I don't recommend it for a beginning motor maker and one should be very careful working with it. I have read of hobbyists use but they were
very fastidious with their methods. AKS

Yea, this stuff is CAUSTIC. Please take proper precautions and limit your exposure.
I would love to make green motors, but I think I'll pass. Good luck with the sale though. I'm sure someone can use it safely.