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Jun 5, 2009
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Anybody ever build an Astron Streak, launch it with a C6-7 ... AND GET IT BACK??

:D :p

In my early, early rocket days, 10-11 years old, back in 1968-69, I think everybody I knew tried it. :rolleyes:

In the 5-6 years I was semi-seriously into rocketry as a kid, I bet I built a dozen of those little mofos. You had a shot to get em back if you launched it with a 1/2A6-4 or maybe an A8-5, but anything beyond that - forget it. :rolleyes:

I mean, what the heck, how many rockets could you buy for 50 cents? So of course you always wanted to see how high it could really go. Paint it day-glow orange or something, then rack it up and let it rip.

Hasta la vista, babyyyy...!!! :eek: ;)
JStarStar, welcome to TRF! I think most that have owned a Mosquito have a very similar story. Although I was never really a BAR (only out of the hobby for a few years), I do have some fond memories of launching Estes Yankees on Cs. Being minimum diameter, those suckers ripped!
Thanks eugene, I am sure you''ve read many, many stories from the OTD BARS like myself.

I'm currently on my 3rd rocketry career, so I guess that makes me a BABAR...

:p :p
I don't remember the Streak, but I had a Scout that I did the same thing with.
It was the one with the hole in the side so you wouldn't blow the nose off.
I painted the fins yellow so I sould always find them sticking up.
Problem was I could never get it to tumble on recovery.
It was more like jart recovery.:D
Ahh, the Scout.. Estes K-1. :D :D

The joke was that the word "recovery" in the phrase "tumble recovery" was strictly wishful thinking.

I'm not sure, but I think when the engine ejected and slid back intto the "full back" position, the Scout actually became stable in reverse and basically would arrow dive straight in (fins first).

:D :eek:

If you think about it, an empty rocket engine is back-heavy (because of the ceramic nozzle), so when the engine slides back to a position maybe 2" to the rear of the body tube, that would bring the CG back there too, probably further back than the CP. So the rocket would simply seek a stable attitude going straight into the ground tail first.

(I think there's a reason you don't see too many tumble recovery rockets any more. :D )
Yes, I had an Estes Scout also.

I don't remember if it ever tumbled in recovery but I know I didn't have it very long.

But, the Astron Sprite did tumble very well. I built one as my very first rocket in 1966 and I still have it. When I got back into this hobby this spring, it was the first rocket I launched... on an A5-2S.

They don't make the short motors any more so I will have to launch it on selected occasions with the 5 short motors that I have left.

The Fliskits Tumbleweed looks very close to the Sprite but it is made to fly on 13mm engines.
I suppose you could build an adapter to let S-series (short-motor) models fly on 13mm motors. Shouldnt be too hard.

I remember I had a Sprite and it did indeed tumble. It would be fun to see it. It'd be fun if somebody would produce some S-series engines, too...

I suppose you could build an adapter to let S-series (short-motor) models fly on 13mm motors. Shouldnt be too hard.

I did make up an adapter from a couple of centering rings and a piece of coupler tube but I haven't tried it yet.

I'm not sure how close the wieght of the adapter + 13mm empty case is to the 18mm S-series empty case and if it will make a difference in the tumble recovery.
Ahhh, the memories!

The Scout was one of my favorites as a kid.

Mine always tumbled well - never had a problem. I never had the nerve to launch it on a C engine - the B6-6 sent it *very* high - and I always got it back. I know I still had it, flight ready, when my folks boxed up my rockets when I moved away to college. That box has long since "disappeared" though... :(

Too bad, because there were a few others in that box that I really wish I still had, including some unbuilt kits.

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