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Sep 22, 2014
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Sale runs from now until midnight eastern, 9:00pm pacific.

Specials found in web store -
All Mojave Green reloads %25 off
38/1080 full motor hardware %25 off
Madcow Twitch FG kits w/ 54mm MMT - $59.99
Aerotech L3, buy any 6400 reload, get the 75mm/6400 full motor w/ RAS - $350.00
Aerotech 54mm Combo - 2800, 1280, 456, closures and seal disc w/ RAS - $299.99
All DynaSoar glider kits - $75

Additional bonus deals, taken after checkout -
All sales over $150 free BAR gift
All orders over $1000 we pay the FedEx/Hazmat
All Aerotech kits 25% off
All Aerotech hardware 15% off (excl 54mm combo and L3 from above)
All Polecat and Madcow kits 10% off
All Aerotech reloads 10% off (excl mojave greens from above)
Aero Pack retainers 20% off w/ kit purchase