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Len B

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Jan 19, 2009
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BC, Canada
Last night, I placed an order with BMS via their online order system. Today, I got an email to let me know that my order shipped and that they credited me for a postage overcharge.

Great stuff! So far, that is best service I have had yet. Well, tied with Roachwerks and Shrox Industria actually. :) Excellent service from all the above.

All of our vendors here do a lot for the hobby and deserve our repeat business.

We can be a demanding group quite often and should make sure we give credit where it's due.

I (unfortunately) have to put off an order I planned to make with another one of the TRF regular suppliers due to all the money I have spent lately but I suspect I will have another good story to tell.

Len Bryan
I think I have made four or five orders to BMS in the past couple years, and they have always been solid, accurate, fast, and easy to work with. They are exactly the kind of people you hope to find to finish your on-line e-deals.
Yep...I probably place an order every other week. Really do a bang up job and customer service is the best. They really take care of those "hick-ups" when they pop up.