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Balsa Filler Coat Primer

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Does anyone know where I can buy this stuff?


I'm looking for a few jars in the 3.5oz size. I tried searching this forum because I think I posted this awhile back, but forgot what I had in the Title space??

Thanks guys!!:)

I found a few 1 oz jars on ebay for 9.99 https://www.ebay.com/p/Midwest-Products-Co-Aero-Gloss-Balsa-Filler-1oz-MID701/1000358438

You can also find them on the jonrocket site directly (https://jonrocket.com/store/products/aerogloss-balsa-fillercoat-1-o

It seems like the product is OOP so you should pick up whatever you want in bulk.

Out of curiocity I've never used the stuff, whats the difference between it and just plain old elmer's carpenter wood filler?

EDIT: Just called midwest hobbies directly but they are only open 9-4:30 so I'll call them tomorrow and ask whats going on. Or you can too I guess. This is their number:1-219-942-1134
Yeah I'm not going to be spending $9 for an 1oz of the stuff. I think someone said if you mix talcum powder with the sanding sealer its the same thing? Not sure? I'll just have to try that Brodak stuff. I'll check out their website. I'm sure they have a variety of products to choose from.

So I'm assuming the primer is the filler coat which you use first and then follow by the sanding sealer? They don't really have a description or usage.


Isn't the "Dope" product a sealer with with color more or less?? I never used it before but does it replace paint?

I have some of that "Lite" Hobbico balsa filler. It's like whipped cream ...LOL I'll give that a try. Put a lite coat on with a playing card and see how it works.
I was actually able to find some MIDWEST Balsa Filler coat for $6.79 for a 3.5 oz jar. I went ahead and ordered 3 jars.

Disregard the picture, but they do have it in stock, so if any of you use the product this is the place to buy. $3.95 for shipping for all (3) jars. Use the drop down menu to select it. MID704 and when I went back to look they also have the 3.5 oz jars of the Sand Sealer MID714. I received my order confirmation number just waiting for it to ship.