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Jun 7, 2009
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not sure if I should start a new thread for this or not - I'll leave it up to the moderator I guess.

In my Estes Saturn V I would like to add a baffle assembly.

I would sure like some feedback from you veteran rocketeers out there. I have attached a diagram of what I am thinking of doing and need some opinions.

There are all kinds of ways to do baffles. Sometimes the best are the simple ones. You could use 24mm tubing all the way, and use the Chore Boy stainless steel material for baffling. The funnel wouldn't be necessary as a CR would do the job......Larry

Your design looks ok to me, but I am not a baffle expert...I do however realize you are fairly new to the Forum and want to give you a warm welcome. Let's see if anyone else can help. Comon guys, I know some of you have other solutions to present! :)

So far, Larry has a good one...anyone else?

thanks Carl!

Larry, do you mean I could just jam a Chore Boy into the BT-50 MMT? I was afraid I may be making this too complicated.
the only reason I thought the funnel might be needed was so the hot ejection particles would not lay on the top centering ring and burn it. I figured the funnel would direct the particles back down the MMT.
Yeap, just cram a hunk up there:D You do have to keep in from ejecting with the chute.

This is the baffle I used for one of my scratch builts. Its 24mm in a BT 80. You could make up he same type for the Saturn V, but use a piece of BT 70 and a CR to restrict the gasses to a smaller area. In other words cut a piece of BT 70 4" long. Glue a CR BT 50 to BT 70 3-7/8 from the front end of the BT 50. slide the BT 70 down over this CR then make a CR BT 50 to whatever your main BT is. Also mark where the BT 70 would be. Drill a series of holes in the CR inside the Dia. of the BT 70. You will also need some holes drilled in the BT 50 between the two CRs. Glue the top ring in place then glue the BT 70 to both rings. Put filets on both, make a ply plug for the top of the BT 50 glue and filet as well. Put an eye screw in the middle and hook your shock cord to it. Glue the whole mess up in your main BT and your set. Got it:confused: :D :D

The pictures help I think. Good luck:)
This is of the same baffle motor mount assembly in the Fin can.
I hope this helps some........Larry

Man, now I'm glad I didn't delete these pictures yet.:)
thanks Larry - I'm glad you didn't delete them either!
pictures help a lot.

I like that idea and I think I will use that.

Although I'm a great beleiver in the K.I.S.S. theory I often find myself 'over-thinking' some of this stuff.

Back to the Chore Boy baffle idea - you would epoxy the steel wool into the MMT so it doesn't eject - right? I'd like to try this on some of my other rockets.

So tell me Larry - do you use wadding at all or do you baffle all your rockets? I'd sure like to have baffles in all my rockets and eventually I think I will.

Unless there is some down side to using baffles I don't know about
Hey Steve,
We will make a good thread out of this yet:D
Don't glue the cooling mesh in the tube. Just leave it loose. The top of the tube needs to be closed or at least restricted so the mesh won't fly out the end like wadding would. I have more pictures that I'll get to you later.
I don't have baffles in all my rockets just most of the scratch built stuff. So far they have worked well, and I use no wadding in any of them. The only down side I can see right now is that you should change it once in a while. Like every 10-15 flights maybe?

thanks Larry! I went ahead and made up a baffle last night using your pictures for reference.

Teflonrocketry1 - thanks for the info! I just read those articles and it looks like the baffle I made from Larry's pictures!

I really apprecaite your help - I was kinda stuck on this but now I can go ahead and get the Saturn finished.