Bad news for D powered two stagers?

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Jan 18, 2009
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I put an order in at the LHS, and apparently they stopped making (or selling) the D12-7. They're also saying that Estes is producing less D12-0s. I have a few D 2 stagers and a 3 stager that needs a D12-0, so this isn't good.
Well, you can't or really shouldn't believe EVERYTHING your LHS tells you. Several years ago during the ATF fiasco, my LHS told me that the entire rocketry hobby was going to become illegal.

But on the other hand if this is true, than no, this would not be good at all.

If I were you, I'd call Estes directly at 1-800-525-7561 and ask them and see what they say.;)
This is reminiscent of the rumor that was going around a couple of years ago that Estes had stopped making the B6-0. The last time I checked, there was no shortage of them, either.

Estes owns the entire market for 24mm black powder motors, including the only 24mm booster motor of any kind. Why on earth would they drop any of them?

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Be aware that the way Estes makes engines means that some natural slow sellers may become out of stock for awhile, or that quantities "in the channel" may be low and or concentrated where they aren't needed, and it takes awhile for things to get sorted out.
My LHS has plenty of D12-0 and D12-7. With the 24mm 2-stagers that Estes is still selling, they'll most likely remain in production as needed.
I've checked with different wholesalers and these motors are in stock pretty much everywhere. Your LHS just needs to order them from his distributor. There's one warehouse in Illinois that is out of D12-5's but that same suppliers warehouse has them in Ca. everything else of the Estes variety is in stock.

Your hobby guy may have been trying to cover his butt by blaming the supplier. You always blame the guy that's not there.......Not that I've ever done that...
I cant see Estes dropping the D12 booster any time soon either. It's like the backbone of most multi stage projects. The C11-0 was a little weak but it did a good job on some very light multi stagers too. I still have a dozen of those. In fact I still have 40 A10-0T's. Now that was a fun little multi stage motor. Too bad I lost my teeny weeny comanche 3. I'm more of a multistage guy, cant have rocketry without them. My great Solar Eclipse is the backbone of my fleet. I'd be kinda upset if I couldn't fly that beast anymore.