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Jan 21, 2009
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saturday I flew my estes bomarc clone on a D24-7 reload.
bad idea

It vaporised off the pad and power pranged about 100 yards downwind,I believe the motor mount broke loose right away
I actually didn't see it once it left the rod..but I heard the impact and had to dig it out of the ground.the next one will be a bit more beefier

heres a pic of the results

well..with a little surgery it could fly again
the motor mount stripped out in a clean sorta way.the conduit split in half but coud be repaired.the main wing did survive intact .one of the nacelle mounts is nearly detached but fixable. heck..mabey it's worth the effort..
Sorry to see she got damaged.
Looks like you havethe better part of it intact. Nothin to lose but a little of your time, which will just add to your building skills in the long run. I say go for it Stymye.
Ouch! Sorry to see the prang. :(
It sure looked like a nice finishing job. And a Canadian theme too!

Is it your own clone or a kit? Nice either way.

Len Bryan
CAR S620 L3

I have a clone kit like that from Vin and Jen that I started a while back. Is that where you got your kit?
Did you have enough glue on the mount? Did the glue joint fail or was it the rings? Maybe the higher thrust of the D24 was too much for it! It would be nice if you could post your post-mortem results for the rest of us. Maybe even a pic of the engine mount. (HINT)
OH WELL!! Fix it and fly it again!
sorry to hearabout the bad flight, but its fixable, get that bird flying again:)
the centering rings failed.
they were the typical thick green estes type rings
I had extended the motor mount so there were actually 3 of the same type rings using yellow glue.
best I can describe is they,,, delaminated..

unfortunately the bomarc is an unstable design best
I had a fair amount of noseweight so it was too heavy for a C6

I cut the damaged front section off and started on a new conduit piece . I'll post some rebuild pics tomorrow and as I make progress

This may make you feel better.

As a kid I spent weeks building a Saturn 1B. Took it out to launch with my friend Mike on a hot summer day in Phoenix. Cluster lit, engine mount came loose, 1B went halfway up launch rod and hung there, then settled back down when the engine stopped. :confused:

It was very bright out in the Phoenix sun, so it took a few seconds for Mike and I to realize the rocket was turning black from the bottom up. Being a responsible kid, as soon as realized the rocket was on fire, I ran over and stomped it out, so as not to catch the desert on fire. :mad:

I'm convinced a major part of my personality was formed (or deformed) in that incident. :rolleyes:

Sorry about your loss, but look on the bright side.

At least you didn't have to stomp on it! :D

STOMPING ON A 1B!?!?!?!?


That's my favorite kit!!! I was just working on my own version of the 1/70th scale 1B! It suffered from a BONUS delay on an AT E15-4 last year. Heres a pic of the upper section after I dug it out of the ground.


never mind mate, at least you got to do some digging...

You do like digging don't you, just like climbing trees, wading into freezing ponds and walking for miles along goat tracks to locate lost rockets :D

After all, isn't that why we enjoy this hobby so much...

(Evil) Bob
who is sitting in the corner repeating 'The CATO is coming' over and over - LMAO
heh......,I'm not too bothered by the crash.thats just part of the hobby
I wanted to share the results. plus I learned that
more speed off the rod, doesn't always help a marginaly stable design
sometimes it compounds matters

so I have some D13 reloads for the next flight..
still... should move out quick!

rebuild pics will have to wait a few more days tho.

I won't first Deuces Wild plopped onto the ground in front of the pad
due to a cato in one of the engines.It proceded to burn on the ground in front of me .I can't say I had the heart to stomp it tho .lol

I called estes and they sent me 2 packs of motors and a Big Daddy as a replacement....thats when I realised Estes does not currently have a cluster kit!