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mamba max1

Jan 22, 2010
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Being a person of many hobbies, model rocketry has never been one that I have been most involved with. After a few years, of being out of the hobby, I decided to come back for the summer and as a result, I just finished building an Estes Mean Machine and a scratch built sidewinder style rocket.

Here they are, shure hope everything goes well on thier maidens. :D



I wanted the Mean Machine (6' 8") to be a different color than the usual black. Gave the tiger stripe theme a shot. It will be powered by Estes E engines.

The sidewinder style rocket is completely scratch build. Although the paint isn't scale, the dimensions are about half (5' 6") and everything is to proportion. It will be powered on a cluster of D or E engines. Will probably go for the D cluster on the first launch. It has 1/4" launch lugs. I designed it to break in half for transport, just like the Mean Machine.

Plan on putting an on board video cam (key chain) on them after a few flights. Can't wait. :)
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Nice looking models!

So... Did you screen name come from Castle Creations?;)

You are right. I am very big into model R/C cars. My pride and joy is a 6HP electric Traxxas E-Revo. :D
One of my employees had a brushless E-Maxx... It was the ONLY RC car that actually scared me... And my E-Maxx has a flame thrower on it!
Good looking stuff.

Hopefully someone more versed than me will comment on the Sidewinder stability, though. It eyeballs a bit scary to me.

Keep up the good work.