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Aug 14, 2017
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Hi All. after a few years of being away from the hobby I figured it was past time to get my butt back on the pad. I am looking at alot of new things in the hobby to explore. I used to be belong to UROC so if there are any UROC members hopefully I will see you at the next launch. after my father passed on I had a hard time coming back(we enjoyed the hobby very much together) but I really missed it. now my boys are interested so I figured it is past due.
A great tribute to your father to pass it on to your sons. Smile while you are launching!

Welcome to TRF. We will try to answer your questions, unless they involve true, honest-to-God rocket science, in which case I will be of no help. :smile:
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it came full circle and then some. father introduced rocketry to me in the early 70's had a couple of century kits. I got interested again in the late 90's and got him back into it in 2000 and then he went hog wild until his passing in 2008. I am working on an estes sr71 blackbird with my ten year old and an aerotech auraex with my 7 year old.

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