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Feb 6, 2009
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Estes B6-0 back in stock, see our web site.

Have added a lot of stuff >>> take a l@@K

2 Quest kits ONLY $1.04 >>>> BID NOW
The last two sold for under $7.00 for the pair.
Lets work hard to at lest get 35% of retail on these.

2 Sunward Kits ONLY $18.00 Bid Now.
These may be rare, as the nose cone in no longer in production.

New Kevlar Items added, so please take a look in our RECOVERY section of our rocket store.

What are things worth? Well this months sale is Aerotech Rocket Kits at 40% off list price, sold only one so far. Come on guys these kits must be worth the wholesale price. See for details!