Baby Bertha on a D12-7

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Darian Rachal

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Jan 19, 2009
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I had an opportunity to fly a BB that I modified for 24mm engines at a rocket launch today. Even though this was a HPR launch, spectators were impressed with the speed it achieved. It gets to a respectable height as well. I gave some thought to putting a E9-8 in it but never got around to it. I have some 24mm F72-10s. I wonder if the BB could handle the stress? :eek:

The Baby Bertha is one of my favorite Estes rockets. :)

I just happen to be about half done building my Baby B. Glad to hear you like it. No mods, though (except for the recovery setup) so nothing bigger than a C for this one. But maybe I'll pick up another one or two just for bashing - hard to beat at 5 bucks a pop. This will complete my Bertha Family, I believe - unless there's another one out there besides the four that I know of. By the way - did you see my finished OT ? Came out pretty good, I think.

(Got a good deal on it, too) :)

Stephen, That OT did come out nice. Would you believe, I still haven't painted mine. Maybe seeing yours will inspire me. :) You mentioned the 4 bertha rockets. I'm familiar w/the Super BB, Big B, & Baby B. Is the other the Quest version(Big Betty)? I have one of those I'm modifying for 24mm engines.
The Mini Bertha is my first clone. I looked on Ebay and ROL auctions (still looking, actually) for a few months to no avail, so I made one. I was surprised at how well it flies on such a tiny motor. I got the decals from Jim Z. Kind of a (mini) challenge gathering up info, parts etc. - now I want to build a Mars Snooper. Guess I've been bitten by the clone-bug!

Came this close to picking up a Betty several times. Good luck with it!

Bushrat, your OT looks great! I've got to get some time to start mine.
Thank you!

Adam - Keep us updated on your progress... (ie. - pics;) )

Darian - you say your Baby B. got up there pretty good - did you have any trouble keeping sight of it? Did you go with the stock paint scheme? Any pics?

Stephen, The sky was overcast & the rocket is painted the standard black, so it was pretty easy to follow. I do not own a digital camera, but my Baby B looks like the one on the package. I left the fins square(no airfoil) & just primed and sanded it several times, as the instructions suggested. I did put a 1/4" lug on it.

I may pick up another one since they are on sale for half price at Hobby Lobby & adapt it for 29mm. We'll see.