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Withdrawn B2 Stealth rollout/reveal coffee cup


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Jun 6, 2011
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So, not reeaally a coffee cup, more like a pencil holder, 'cuz god knows if ye be a wangdangnoodle pocket protector transportation unit, there ain't no way there is near enuff coffee that could survive a trip to your desk from the pot. I'm going to assume rare, unless you have a really cool Salivating Army store in your neck of the woods surrounded by retirement centres for the terminally burned out. If anybody has the 8x10 glossy high and wide angle photo, I would gladly pay asking price. $25.00 pro packed, insured and shipped (conus only please) Note: all proceeds go to a 5th grade STEM teacher in Florida. I don't need yer money, he does. Support future American engineers!
(yes, I suck at photos)


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