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May 2, 2009
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my own term.
B-Grain - Hybrid rocket motor with one barbie doll fuel grain.
maybe Ken Grain motors too!

i wonder what the impulse would be?
Believe me, Barbies don't burn well.

This is the scenario...me and my girlfriend, her little sisters barbie, fire crackers and a lighter in the park. One of the best times of my life.
would you want to melt it or grind it into a fine powder then compress it?
maybe some epoxy to keep things together...
have fun blowing yourself up elapid.

Dan, I think barbie would need more oomph, maybe one of those 1/4 sticks. You know what I mean ;) firecrackers are for army men :D
..and the best thing is, there's pics;) HAHA yea, a 1/4 stick...how about some Thermite...

I think this whole barbie hybrid deal is a little out there...
Originally posted by Ryan S.
have fun blowing yourself up elapid.

i think i am qualified to work with thermoplastics and epoxies...
what part of grinding a barbie-doll is dangerous?
about her new neckwear...

after the bout with the dog, nothing fazes Barbie!
Elapid, that pic is great :)

Anyway, I have found in the past Barbies burn quite soundly with a variety of pyrotechnic compositions inserted through the head :D .
Experimentation is strictly limited to sister's barbies however.

It would be kinda hard to drill a straight port from the head through to the legs, and the motor would require a non-combustible liner to prevent the nitrous from acting like a cutting torch on the casing. The body might also heat fast enough to structurally fail during firing, and plug the nozzle throat :eek: :( .

Funny if you could make it work though.
Unfortunately (or fortunatly dunno which one) I dont have a sister who has barbie dolls to expirement with... but I do have a few GI-Joes lol:D