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I heartily reccomend the Punk-O-Matic on

I started to play the "Spaced Penguin" and I'm caught in an endless loop!

Check out the distance I've travelled, and it's still going after an hour!
Sweet! I love it when games have glitches like that :)

Omega...just click and it'll take him out of the orbit.

I made a real nice pretty pattern that looked like flower!
NO, NO!! Dont click!!! The little penguin thingy will hit his ship eventually, and you will get the biggest score in the world!!!:D

Heres my fauvorite time-waster.:D EV Nova. All the Escape Velocity games are fun, but EV Nova is THE BEST! The ULTIMATE time waster
I gots another cool orbit. I kinda think it looks a lot like some nuclear thingamajibber...coool! :D :D

Jason, thats exactly what I did! My flower was pink though! :D
I LOVE 3D pong!:D

Pretty tough, though...:( Once the thing gets bouncing fast I cant see where its going very well...:(