AVR-based single-rocket relay launcher (Colours of buttons???)

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What colour ARM and ABORT buttons?

  • ARM - Green

  • ARM - Red

  • ARM - Black

  • ABORT - Green

  • ABORT - Red

  • ABORT - Black

  • Other, please explain

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Jan 18, 2009
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I'm making a LPR single-rocket AVR-based launcher. The two parts will be connected with a regular UTP cable. The goal is to eliminate the high current in the long wires, so that I can put a longer cable. I have all parts & materials. :)

The big problem is: What colour ABORT and ARM buttons? The GO button is red. Please vote about the other two :shock:
I typically use yellow for Arm, red for Abort, and green for Launch.

Probably just from years of building industrial control panels where Red=Stop and Green=Start. Yellow would typically be used for an "intermediate" function like "enable", "jog", etc.