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Jun 27, 2004
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Ok, I was wondering if I have done something wrong and if anyone has experienced it before. I was at a launch last week and I decided to launch our Estes V-2. So, the button was pushed and it flew up on an E to probably 900 feet. Well, it was one of the first launches of the day and we soon disovered that we should have angled the pad more into the wind. However, upon recovering it about 300 yards from the pad(and about 50 yards in front of some trees:eek: ) I saw something very interesting. The V-2's Estes 18 inch chute had a spill hole cut into it. When I got back and talked to my friends, no one had cut a spill hole. Actually, I could tell no one had. Although it was quite evenly circular, it was charred. Here is my question: Did I do something wrong or have other people had the same thing happen? YES, I did put wadding in it. I found that the chute lies WAY to close to the top of the motor. Is it a design flaw on the part of Estes or just something we did in the building. I am not complaining would have been in the woods if not for the automatic spill hole. I wish every rocket would do that if they are going to fly into the woods.:kill:
I had that happen once, but it was after the parachute fouled and the rocket came in like a lawn dart. The open end of the body tube punched a clean hole in the parachute... Kinda freaky.