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Mar 26, 2009
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No you can't volunteer to drive it...Need to ship a small 4 door sports sedan, Washington state to Florida. Any ideas besides the obvious? 3,300 miles is way to far to drive besides I don't want to add that many miles to the odometer.

Shady transport companies are all quoting the same price, about $1,800 ++ door to door for an enclosed transport.

Looking for a reference for a reputable company that has come through for a TRF member in the past.

If anyone out there has done this before I could sure use your help with some advice / references ASAP. Thanks in advance for your reply.
I did it a few years ago, but I can't remember which company I used. Here's a review site that might help

$1800.00 sounds about right for the distance. Make sure the car has no issues; good brakes, strong battery, etc. They usually put several cars on a transport and often don't load the cars in the same order as they unload. If they have to move the car off the trailer to get to another, there will be additional charges if they have to push it out or jump start it.

Pickup and delivery was much like getting cable installed, they give you a 4 hour window at each end. If you make them wait, there will be a charge for that. My car was scheduled to deliver on a Monday but they ran late and didn't get in until early Tuesday afternoon, so have some flexibility in your schedule.
Thanks Don, I'll take a look at that site, have not run across it before, hopefully legit. Every time I call a different company they either sound like Tony Soprano or are just acting as a broker for many different carriers.
STAY AWAY FROM AUTO LOG!. They are out of NJ. I used them 3 years ago. They were 3 weeks late, and damaged the car!

Very bad to deal with.
$1800 is cheap. My Dad's MGA race car went to N. or S. Carolina...can't remember. I had transport set up for $2,200 from a buddy of mine that races Porsche's in his semi but, ofcourse, they new better. I know it wasn't Carrier or Wells Cargo but they paid around $2,400.

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