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  • Bunsen Honeydew's V-2 Project

  • AndyJ's Frosted Flakes Big Bertha

  • Donaldsrockets' Stealth 54

  • berlinetta's I-ROC EXT

  • rrobe99999's 3X Orbital Transport

  • dedleytedley's Skyscoop-modified Dynastar Sky Torpedo

  • rseazk5's 'Peanut Scale' AIM-54A Phoenix Missile

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Jan 19, 2009
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Well, here it is! Time to cast your vote for the August Best Rocket Competition! We have some mighty fine looking rockets to gander over and decide which one has 'it' to be judged "THE Best' for August..Here are our 7 contenders:

1:Bunsen Honeydew's V-2 Project

2:AndyJ's Frosted Flakes Big Bertha

3:Donaldsrockets' Stealth 54

4:berlinetta's I-ROC EXT

5:rrobe99999's 3X Orbital Transport

6:dedleytedley's Skyscoop-modified Dynastar Sky Torpedo

7:rseazk5's 'Peanut Scale' AIM-54A Phoenix Missile

May the BEST rocket win! :)
Well, a big congratulations goes out to this months winner in rrobe99999's upscale Orbital Transport!:clap::wave: Thanks to all who entered and a big thanks to all who voted! :)

September contest to kick off tomorrow! Heads up! The sponsor for September will be Fliskits! Part of Jim's celebration of 7 years in producing outstanding hobby rocket kits!
Thanks to everyone that voted for my rocket. Considering the competition I'm very pleased to get eleven votes! Congrats to rrobe9999, that is one sweet looking bird! Ted
Wow, this is the 1st rocket contest that I have ever won. There was some great competition. Thanks for your votes. Thanks also to SEARS572 members and forum members who helped to digitally capture this project and post in the contest.

Russ Roberts