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Jan 19, 2009
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Please go visit our sponsor this month, Hot Rod Rocket Shop, I am sure you will find something there that you want to get! Now, on to the contest, and remember this is an ALL Power Classes contest..

This is the official location of The Rocketry Forum Best Rocket Competition. This is a monthly event to show off your "stuff" and find out who has THE BEST ROCKET OF THE MONTH! When entering, make sure you follow the criteria listed below and you will do fine. From the 21st(or there about) until the end of the month we'll be polling to see who should win the Best Rocket Competition.

Double check to make sure you entering in the correct 'power level' thread! Only ONE entry per person per month(no entering BOTH LPR and MPR/HPR in a single given month!). The thread titles will reflect the power level: XXX Best Rocket Competition LPR or XXX Best Rocket Competition MPR/HPR.

Da Rulez

1. Header of picture should include, name, what kit or was it custom, LPR, MPR or HPR. Example: LPR Estes Hijinx..Put this in the 'title' block when posting.
2. A BRIEF description of rocket details. Anything that would make it apparent to somebody that yours is THE BEST.
3. Only ONE entry per person per month(no entering BOTH LPR and MPR/HPR in a single given month!).
4. Please no extended off topic conversations.
5. Rockets made at any period of time may be used.Rocket needs to be in your possession/fleet at the time of the competition!
5A. Rockets entered MUST have at least one successful flight. Not simulated, but real world flying through the sky type..with successful recovery.
5b. If proof of a successful flight is documented and the rocket suffers a loss in a subsequent flight, it is still eligible for consideration and will be judged in the 'prior to loss' state.
6. Rocket may be entered into the current months competition only ONCE! Rocket may be entered into a following months competition if it fits the given category.
7. If there is a monthly specified type of contest (such as red, white and blue themed), you can only enter rockets that are applicable.
8. Entries will be taken first 3 weeks of month and after the 21st of every month the contest closes.
9. The last week of the month we will be polling on who should win in each class.
10. Winners get bragging rights for a month!



Anything goes! Just remember Rules 5a and b!:wink:

So, show us your awesome builds!

Remember detail, details, details! So don't be shy, include extra photos of the little bits that make YOUR model extra special!
If you entry is a kit, let us know who's kit it is!


Prize this month from our awesome sponsor Hot Rod Rocket Shop is a 'Graft Bag o' Goodies' valued in excess of $30.00! The infamous 'Graft Bag'!:roll:

So, let's get those entries in!
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Well, someone has to show there hand first. So, I'll get things going with my Fliskit Rockstar A.K.A. Purple Haze. To me what makes it special is the theme. Rockstar=Jimi Hendrix,Purple Haze song=Excuse me while I kiss the sky lyric,ya know being a rocket, it does Kiss the sky and the colors. Build thread

DW PH Stickers1.jpg

Cmass Purple haze.JPG
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I hadn't even realized that these monthly contests were going on until today when I was surfing around the site. So, what the heck, here's one of mine up for consideration:


Basically it's a two stager, with the main/central rocket acting as a booster, and with three seperate/independent sustainers.

Roughly 28" high. The main rocket is 2.6" in diameter, and the sustainers (or "parasites") are built on BT-50s. Four motors lift it off the pad (a D12, and three C6s), with the sustainers powered on pretty much any A/B/C motors.

You can see/learn more about it at this thread:
The first half of the thread is talking about the idea of this rocket, and the reality of it starts at around post #20.

Hope y'all dig it. I've had major fun with this one.

My entry is my Level 3 project. It is a LOC/Precision Big Nuke 3E. It flew at NERRF 7 on a M1500 Mojave Green. On the pad, it weighed 28 pounds. It is 5.5" in diameter and 8 feet tall. There is 3 inch wide kevlar "tape" at the top of each tube and the tubes were fully fiberglassed. I also did a tip-to-tip fiberglass job on the fins before the fin unit was installed. The average altitude was 8743 feet. The first picture was taken by Neil McGilvray and the second was taken by my fiance.

Level 3 Liftoff.jpg

Big Nuke 3E.jpg
Entry period closes at Midnight EDT* tonight!

So, git yer entries in! ;)

*Or whenever I get home from work, whichever is later..
Ok..Well, thought maybe we could get some more competition..But, we will go with our 3 entries! ;)

Entry period is officially CLOSED

Poll to be posted shortly!