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Audible rocket trackers

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Jan 17, 2009
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Remember those electric alarms that we discussed (about a year ago, on TRF 1?) using for noise-maker-trackers? There were personal alarms in smooth oval shapes with pull-pins, and other versions for door or window alarms shaped in little blocks with pull-away magnetic triggers. They came with batteries included for a buck at the dollar stores. They are back again here in Ft Worth, and if anyone wants to try out a sonic rocket locator they should check the dollar stores in their own town.

If someone wants some of these and can't find them locally, I'll be happy to do the legwork and ship some from here. (This is NOT going to be worthwhile unless you want to get like 10 or 20 of the things, because shipping on one or two is probably going to be $5 anyway.) I don't charge handling fees, and I'll find an old box to package them in (or use the USPS priority boxes). If these alarms cost $1 on the shelf, they will cost about $1.08 at the register around here (8% tax). There were several dozen at the store I was in a yesterday.

If anyone is interested, PM in the next day or two and we'll work details.
Has anyone made their own parabolic mike for tracking these? I've been thinking about modifying a baby monitor... Ted